Model for ASsessment of Telemedicine

The website is currently under construction and more information will be added later on.

At present, a video presentation from a seminar held on May 5, 2010 in Berlin is available.

The purpose of the seminar was to provide an overview of MAST but also to break the model down in important

sections and give a thorough description of the elements of MAST.

NOTE! The videos are rather large, and can therefore not be displayed on the website. To view the videos (.flv files), we recommend to download them and use the free and very user-friendly VLC player. You can download and install VLC player for free here.

Subject Presenter Video presentation Powerpoint presentation
Welcome and introduction to the Seminar Marco d'Angelantonio Download (19 MB) Download
Telemedicine implementation, evidence-based decisions making Francisca Garcia Lizana Download(50 MB) Download
Introduction to the MAST model Kristian Kidholm Download(273 MB) Download
Domain 1: Health problem and characteristics of the application Josep Roca Download(97 MB) Download
Domain 2 and 3: Safety & Clinical effectiveness Reinhard Prior Download(291 MB) Download
Domain 4: Patient perspectives Alison Bowes Download(344 MB) Download
Domain 5: Economic aspects Kristian Kidholm Download(217 MB) Download
Domain 6: Organisational aspects Lise Kvistgaard Jensen Download(316 MB) Download
Domain 7 (part 1): Socio-cultural, ethical aspects Anne G. Ekeland, Norway Download(146 MB Download
Domain 7 (part 2): Legal aspects Isabelle Andoulsi, Belgium Download(187 MB) Download
How to use MAST in practise: Manual, toolkit, Guidance Claus Duedal Pedersen N / A N / A
Case: The study of the COPD briefcase in Denmark Anne Sorknaes Download(467 MB) N / A
Panel Discussion: How will decision makers use MAST in practise? Bjoern Bergh, MD., Center for Information Technology and Medical Engineering, Germany
Thomas Børner, commissioner, Ministry of finance, Denmark
Elena Narne, MD., Health Management, Padova University Hospital, Italy
Steffen Forchheim, IKK, Germany
Download 1

Download 2

Download 3

MAST toolkit

Download the MAST Toolkit (excel file) here. The MAST Toolkit was presented on the seminar and helps simplify the process of selecting the relevant outcome measures within the 7 domains of MAST.

Description of MAST

Download the description of MAST here (draft)

Information on MAST

The background of MAST is theMethoTelemed study (2009-2010) which explored methodologies in assessment oftelemedicine applications. MAST is an outcome of the study.

If you have further questions to MAST please contact

Kristian Kidholm, Region of Southern Denmark +45 6541 1246